Technical Services Divisions

Plants Tissue Culture & Macro-Propagation Division

The Tissue Culture Division is focused on the development and applciation of indigenous technology in conjuction with modern biotechnological techniques towards the achievement of its strategic goals.
This it intends to achieve by the deployment of biotechnological tools for the optimization of local plant bioresources aimed at the ultimate benefit of the local community, the Nation ant eh wider West African subregion.

The activities of the Plants Tissue Culture & Macro-Propagation Division are centered on:

  • Collection and preservation of local plant varieties, including development and distribution of various plants/crops resources for improved productivity, environmental studies and other economic uses.
  • Development of protocols for rapid regeneration and production of plantlets of elite crops/plantlets and economic trees using micro and macro-propagation technologies.
  • Establishment of mother plots of improved cultivars of crops/plants of economic and environmental importance.
  • HFormulation of relevant hands on training programmes for micro and macro propagation of different types of economic crops/plant as a bioenterprise, including their processing and packaging for market.
  • Development and promotion of the use of databases for dissemination of information and effective use of improved plant materials for food and medicinal products.