Technical Services Divisions

Mushroom Bioresources Division

Mushroom Bioresources Division is geared towards training prospective mushroom growers on hands-on techniques for rapid proliferation of edible fungus.
The cultivation of mushroom requires some essential steps due to the nature and behaviour of mushroom relative to the environment.
Being an integral component that make up the Bioresource Development Centre in Odi Bayelsa State of Nigeria, it essentially deals with the domestication and rapid production of edible mushrooms with a focus on bioenterpreneurship development as key to National food security and wealth creation.

The activities of the Mushroom Bioresources Division are centered on:

  • Designing and supervision of local construction of different types of mushroom houses.
  • Adaptation and growth of exotic mushrooms for local markets.
  • Development of hands-on training programmes on mushroom production technology, including mushroom processing and packaging techniques.
  • Development of databases for dissemination of information and effective use of mushroom materials.