Technical Services Divisions

Livestock Bioresources

The division researches on small animals of economic importance. Raise and rear and perfect breeding techniques of small animals for commercialization and empowerment of the local community.

Presently, the Division has developed standard designs and enclosures of low cost housing, including cost effective feeding methods for rapid multiplication of Grascutter families and also, gathered and breed several species of snails, designing and developing low-cost Snailery for farmers and local technologies for their preservation and packaging for consumption.

The activities of the Livestock Bioresources Division are Centered on:

  • Development and management of small animals (Grasscutters and Snails).
  • Breeding of Grasscutter animals and Snails for distribution to farmers.
  • i. Designing of efficient and low-cost housing for Grasscutter and Snailery Projects.
  • Formulation of Grasscutter and Snail feeds for efficient processing, packaging and commercialization.
  • Trainings on Livestock and Snailery Bio-enterprises, including development of new programmes, projects and other services to existing and prospective farmers.