Technical Services Divisions

Bioentreprenership, Training & Consultancy Services

We develop and carry out advocacy campaings on all BIODEC, Odi bioenterprises (BOB) to stimulate interest in local communities on activities, includeing products and services available at the Centre to boost their agricultural production.
Our BOB programmes open up employment opportunities that reduces poverty level and rural to urban migration, in addition to contributing to wealth creation in terms of millions of man-days for the affected families in the region and indeed the National economy.
BIODEC, Odi is currently a hub for training and consultancy by intending and established farmers in the Niger-Delta region.

The activities of the Bioentreprenership, Training & Consultancy Services are centered on:

  • Development of guidelines for mutual linkages and participation in external collaborations.
  • Coordination of bioenterprises training & consultancy services, including inputs to existing and prospective farmers.
  • Development and organizing practical training programmes on the establishment and profitable management of bioenterprises.
  • Drafting of projects and programmes collaboration agreement documents for implementation of agreements.