Technical Services Divisions

Aquatic Bioresources Division

Here at the Aquatic Bioresources Division we farm aquatic organism of economic importance such as fish, molluscs and crustaceans and also conserve aquatic organisms threatened or endagered.
Making progressive strides in the conservation and sustainable management of Aquatic Bioresources for grassroot empowerment and subsistence, the BIODEC, Odi centre has perfected several techniques for high yield aquaculture produce.

The activities of the Aquatic Bioresources Division are centered on:

  • Development and breeding of local fishes of economic importance.
  • Development of skills in the design and construction of different types of fish ponds and enclosuers.
  • Development of practical training programmes on the establishment and profitable management of fisheries.
  • Establihsment of standards for local construction and maintenance of low cost fish pond structures for farmers.
  • Creating network for the distribution of high quality fingerlings, juveniles and broodstocks of improved species to fish farmers.
  • Formulation and promotion of local fish feeds, including efficient processing and packaging for commercialization.
  • Develop and promote use of databases for dissemination of informaion on aquatic resources for effective use.