Technical Services Divisions

Advanced Bioresources Laboratories

The Advanced Bioresources Laboratories are equipped with Advanced High-thorughput equipment for Research & Development of the nations indigenous biological resources. The Advanced Bioresources Laboratories comprises of five (5) laboratories:
  • The Advanced Microbial Bioresources Laboratory.
  • Tissue Culture Bioresources Laboratory.
  • General & Developmental BioresourcesLaboratory.
  • Genetic Engineering Bioresources laboratory.
  • Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory.

The activities of the Advanced Bioresources Laboratories are centered on:

  • Collection of scientifically important strains of Microorganisms, improved plant cultured lines and genetic materials for studies and quality control.
  • Bio-prospect indigenous biological resources for their potential benefits in sustainable research and development.
  • Development of low cost biotechnology products and tools for technology transfer.
  • High-throughput bioassays and protocol developments for Bioresources Research and Development.
  • Discovery and taxonomy of indigenous micro-organisms of the Niger Delta region.
  • Novel natural products discovery from indigenous Bioresources.