Who We Are

Bioresources Development Centre (BIODEC), Odi is the pioneer Bioresources Centre of the the National Biotechnology Development Agency of Nigeria.

Established in 2003 by National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, it is located in the heart of the Niger Delta region. BIODEC Odi is a practical demonstration of the Federal Government's commitment to invigorate wealth creation and employment generation at the grassroot level.

The target is to fast-track the promotion of biotechnology activities towards attaining sustainable exploitation through indigenous bio-prospecting of the nation's huge bioresources endowment. In addition, it is an intervention programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria, aimed at achieving nation-wide application of modern biotechnology tools in bio-prospecting and development of the abundant natural resources of Nigeria for use in agriculture, health, environment and industry.

The overall strategy therefore is to ensure significant reduction in poverty level through bioentrepreneurship training and service programmes for empowering the often vulnerable poor rural-urban dwellers.

The activities of Bioresources Development Centre (BIODEC) Odi is centered on:

  • Preservation of the rich endowment in our natural bioresources for use in academic, industrial, agricultural, environmental and medical R&D activities and applications.
  • Bio-prospecting and utilization of indigenous bioresources to fully and sustainably exploit economic value of the nation's ecological biodiversity.
  • Provision and promotion of technologies and databases to achieve best practices in bio-processing indigenous bioresources.
  • Establishment of repositories for developed bioresources for protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Dissemination of information on matured bioenterprises to encourage commercial production and policy formulation.
  • Provision of bioenterprises consultancy services to existing and prospective entrepreneurs.